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WENDY DIO on the first cut of RONNIE JAMES DIO’s upcoming documentary – “They did a great job, I cried my eyes … It was very emotional”; Video



The Metal Voice of Canada recently spoke to Wendy Dio about Ronnie James Dio’s new autobiography Rainbow In The Dark, Dio’s upcoming cocumentary, and refuted former Dio guitarist Vivian Campbell’s claims about his financial compensation when ‘she was in the group.

Asked about seeing the first cut of the upcoming documentary, Wendy reveals, “I did it, I did it, it was amazing, they did a great job, I cried my eyes. We were all crying. It was very emotional. We moved. a few things around, added a few things. It was really well done. Mick Wall is excellent, him and Eddie Trunk are excellent. They both come and go. They have does a great job. Lita Ford does a great job, Rob Halford does an amazing job, Glenn Hughes … It’s different from the book, totally different from the book. So interesting and so touching. “

The long-awaited autobiography of Ronnie James Dio, the powerful voice of Elf, Rainbow of Ritchie Blackmore, Black Sabbath and his longtime bespoke band Dio, was released on July 27 by the Permuted Press in the US and Canada and Constable in the United Kingdom. Co-authored with British music journalist Mick Wall and longtime Dio widow and manager Wendy Dio, Rainbow In The Dark: The Autobiography is out now.

Ronnie James Dio had started writing the manuscript several years before he was diagnosed with cancer. Born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and raised to an Italian-American family in the town of Cortland, upstate New York, his journey to international fame was hardly predestined. He first started playing the trumpet, then guitar and bass in local bands at parties, bars and clubs while still in high school, surviving setbacks that changed his life – including the loss of his group mate and best friend in a life-threatening car crash. These events made him more focused and determined to succeed. He documents how he went from sideman to singer and leader to not one, but three internationally renowned multi-platinum bands, performing on the world’s most sacred stages, including London’s Hammersmith Odeon, Tokyo’s Budokan, the Forum in his ultimate hometown of Los Angeles, and the arena that was his pinnacle of success – New York’s Madison Square Garden, where this book begins and ends.

Ronnie James Dio weaves his story of tenacity, tragedy and triumph into a chatty conversational style, moving easily through the sudden transition that brought him to the fore behind a microphone; the luck that led to the formation of Rainbow and a productive, but difficult, collaboration with guitarist Ritchie Blackmore; the chance encounter with Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi who made him the second singer to lead the venerable group, taking them to new levels of international success; his marriage to Wendy, who became his manager and true partner and the huge bet they took together to launch the most successful business of his career… his own band, Dio. He explains how the “devil’s horns” (or maloik), something his grandmother taught him to protect against the “evil eye”, became his personal calling card and an enduring symbol of heavy metal for fans. of the whole world.

Ronnie writes candidly about the many excesses of rock’n’roll life, how his songwriting talents were born out of necessity, and the number of times he’s been forced to rethink his career path, still clinging to it. confidence in the dream that propelled him forward. He speaks throughout the book of his love for his loyal fans, for whom his consideration has led to countless hours signing autographs and posing for photos so no one is disappointed. “He had one of the greatest voices in all of heavy metal and had a heart to match,” Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French said upon Dio’s death. “She was the nicest, classiest person you would ever want to meet.”

Rainbow In The Dark: The Autobiography is illustrated throughout with largely unpublished photographs derived from family photo albums and personal archives, as well as an eight-page color insert dedicated to other rare photographs of Ronnie’s life and career.

To complete the book, Wendy Dio, whom Ronnie met in 1975, married in 1978 and became his manager after her painful departure from Rainbow, fleshed out some unfinished sections with additional details and her own observations of specific events. covered in the book. Over the past 30 years, Wendy Dio has been involved in many aspects of the music industry, receiving awards for stage design and production of concert videos, in addition to being an executive producer on numerous Gold and Platinum albums. . In 2010, she co-founded the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund (www.diocancerfund.org) in memory of Ronnie, which has raised over $ 2,000,000 for cancer research, education and cancer research. early screening. She worked with renowned British music journalist and author Mick Wall, who, as a rock music writer for publications such as Classic Rock, Mojo, The Times and a variety of others, had interviewed Ronnie countless times. , to finalize the manuscript. In addition to writing for many of the UK’s major music publications, Wall has produced award-winning television and radio documentaries and has written biographies of musicians and bands, including When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography of Led Zeppelin and Two Riders Were Approaching: The Life and Death of Jimi Hendrix.

(Photo of Ronnie James Dio by Gene Kirkland)