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Weyes Blood returns with new single “Grapevine”


Natalie Mering, better known as Weyes Blood, has released her new single ‘Grapevine’ to join the track ‘It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody’ released earlier in September. Known for her earnest storytelling and lyrics full of honest warmth, Mering delivers once again with “Grapevine.” This is the second single teasing her upcoming album, And in the darkness, hearts on fire, to be published on November 18.

“Grapevine” is decadent and extravagant in all the best ways. It’s a song about the interconnectedness between us and everyone we’ve loved – pain is never completely healed and love never wanes. We may never part with these ghosts of our past no matter how hard we try to get away. The vine is the connection we all yearn for, keeping us intrinsically connected even when “we’re just two passing cars / on the vine”.

Mering’s soft, sonorous vocals are hopelessly romantic, singing emotional cowboys “no hats or boots,” your car breaks down, and thinks of someone who can “block your sun all day.” It’s a song meant to be listened to by the light of a kerosene lamp — it’s elegant and warm; silky, shimmering instrumentation paints hues of purple and rose across the choir.

For all its sprawling, floating character, “Grapevine” is grounded with soft, smooth acoustic guitar and measured drumming. Mering’s voice takes on a mournful, ghostly quality – singing above the mix with rich strings and synths, a resounding bell and dark basslines. It’s a slow build that feels lush and dense even as it begins to climb – resonant voices lamenting lost love and passing cars, culminating in a wispy, sweetish outro.

“Grapevine” leaves listeners in earnest expectation of what is sure to be a hearty mouthful of an album to add to Weyes Blood’s discography.

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