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Why It’s The Best Comic Book Show Yet


When James Gunn announced that a Peacemaker-centric show would be coming to HBO Max, many couldn’t help but roll their eyes. After all, Peacemaker was a DC D-list character who garnered some mixed reactions with his actions during his live-action Gunn’s debut. The Suicide Squad.

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However, fans started to take the character more seriously when the series arrived. Now, eight episodes later, thanks to some of Gunn’s strongest writing to date and a compelling cast of performers (led by a never-better John Cena), it’s glaringly clear that Peacemaker is the best comic-based show.


This spectacular opening sequence

Peacemaker Show Intro

James Gunn has several trademarks in his cinematic style and excellent taste in music. In effect, Peacemaker features plenty of needle-drops, but without a doubt, the show’s finest musical moment is that instantly iconic opening sequence.

Set to the tune of Wig Wam’s 2010 hit “Do Ya Wanna Taste It,” the sequence features the stone-faced cast performing a surprisingly elaborate dance routine. Fans greeted the number enthusiastically and the video currently has 6.2 million views on YouTube. The sequence, a nice exercise in camp, embraces the glam metal the show represents and acts as a promise for the mayhem to come.

The plot looked and felt important

Peacemaker Episode 6 Landing of the Butterfly Ships

World building is a tricky business. Writers have to find a way to connect different projects into a larger storyline while making each feel unique and important in their own way. Often, individual stories can get lost, as fans won’t see them as notable over teams.

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Peacemaker avoids this problem by presenting a massive plot with very real stakes. The show could have easily gone on Hawk Eye route and focused on a minor, contained adventure. Instead, he went all-out with a world-ending situation that merited the intervention of the Justice League. Thanks to spectacular production values ​​and perfect visual effects, the show not only felt, but actually look at impressive.

It succeeds at the micro and macro levels

Peacemaker Amanda Waller

As mentioned earlier, individual adventures within larger universes must operate on two levels. They should present a satisfying, self-contained story that still feels relevant in the larger universe. Peacemaker succeeds in delivering an ambitious and highly entertaining alien story while finding time to develop its human and incredibly likable characters.

At the macro level, Peacemaker represents another building block of the ever-expanding DCEU. It offers a new challenge to Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad while reminding audiences that the Justice League is still alive and well. And given how chaotic the DCEU is as a whole, a bit of consistency is welcome.

This opens up exciting new possibilities

John Cena and Freddie Stroma in Peacemaker

Although many reacted to Peacemaker excitedly, there was also a lot of skepticism about the series and its overall relevance to the DCEU. However, hardly anyone can complain now that the series has finished its first season at an all-time high.

Peacemaker opened the door for many more Suicide Squad spinoffs; indeed, Gunn is already working on another series for an as-yet-unknown member of Task Force X, and many more may follow. Furthermore, Peacemaker proves that gripping and entertaining stories can come from the most unexpected characters, so fans may soon see projects about other little-known DC characters.

It presents a convincing representation

Peacemaker Murn Leota Plothole Fix Error

Representation matters, and it is more important than ever. However, this isn’t always done well, often resulting in poorly designed characters who are only there to meet a quota.

Peacemaker avoids this trope by featuring two black main characters and providing them with clear story arcs. Murn is a surprisingly complicated character who ends up becoming one of the most tragic characters in history. For his part, Adebayo is a friendly and easy-to-root track that has quickly become Peacemakerthe friendliest character. Her sexuality is another part of her characterization, but it’s not her only trait. She’s not there because she’s a lesbian, but because she’s a capable character with a unique outlook on the situation. Adebayo and Murn prove that, when done right, representation can make all the difference; indeed, these two high characters Peacemaker and helped make it the resounding success that it is.

He introduced many breakout characters

Peacemaker Vigilante Freddie Stroma James Gunn

Peacemaker featured a cast of characters, led by Cena’s Christopher Smith. However, the show also featured many personalities who became instant hits with fans, thanks to their personalities and plot roles.

Adebayo won over audiences almost immediately, acting as a surrogate for viewers. Vigilante, probably the funniest character in Peacemaker, became an instant fan favorite thanks to its goofy yet endearing demeanor and incredibly cool action sequences. Finally, Judomaster slowly won over fans with his incredible action sequences and aggressive yet hilarious mannerisms.

He managed to mix genres


Leave it to James Gunn to craft a show that successfully blends different genres and still feels cohesive. Peacemaker might be a comedy first and foremost, but it also works as a straight-up sci-fi adventure. The director also borrows some elements from body horror and even domestic dramas, creating a unique product.

Furthermore, Peacemaker looks like a real comic book adaptation. It doesn’t concern itself with reality and instead leans completely into the chaos inherent to the comic book genre. Peacemaker is a show where an eagle can hug a human and a hulking alien can survive in a very small barn. The show never takes itself seriously, inviting the audience to laugh alongside it.

He turned the peacemaker into a layered character

John Cena peacemaker

Before The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker was a DC bottom-barrel D-list character. Longtime comic book readers knew him, but the general public had no idea who he was. The film propelled him into the big leagues, but Peacemaker makes him a complex and sympathetic character.

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Thanks to James Gunn’s writing and John Cena’s breakthrough performance, Peacemaker is now up for Best DCEU Character. The show explored his trauma, provided insight into his mentality, and explained his actions as both a chauvinistic vigilante and a son desperate for his father’s approval. Gunn and Cena transformed Peacemaker from a joke into a layered and even tragic figure, a remarkable feat considering the source material.

He actually blocked the landing

Peacemaker John Cena White Dragon Finale

The ending of a film is crucial for the general enjoyment of the audience. Nothing is worse than spending more than 2 hours on an exciting story that ultimately has a disappointing ending. Watching some previous superhero shows, even the best deals struggled to bring it all home. Wanda VisionThe latest episode of was rushed and rambling, what ifwas disappointing, and Hawk Eyefelt anti-climactic.

Peacemaker passes its last hour. It offers a satisfying conclusion to the butterfly’s story while including an effective final showdown between heroes and antagonists. Moreover, it sets the stage for the recently announced second season without leaving any major details up in the air. The final shot perfectly captures Chris’ journey so far and how long he has left to go. Few shows can deliver such a satisfying ending that always leaves them wanting more, but Peacemaker done, cementing itself as the best superhero streaming show in the process.

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