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YENDRY hesitates to like on ‘YOU’ and more in this week’s new music



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Rincon Sapiência – “Todo Canto”

In recent years, Rincon Sapiência has made a name for himself in Brazilian hip-hop thanks to his unstoppable thirst for musical creation and numerous dancing and catchy releases. In “Todo Canto”, however, he delivers a dark track with aggressive lines, exploring a path that sounds good in his spitting bar. The sinister violins and crispy snares starring in his new song are inspired by the vaguely dark and pop ensemble of Pop Smoke and, more recently, “Body” by Russ Williams and Tion Wayne. But under Rincon’s rapper-slash-producer goals, rhythm is much more of a field where he can play with words and double meanings, a typical aspect of his pen playing. It’s like the title of the song itself, an Afro-centric motto that means both everywhere and every song. -Felipe Maia

YEИDRY feat. Damian Marley – “You”

It can be difficult to keep up with YEИDRY’s exploits these days. From a promise to come to one of the next big things in pop music, the Dominican-Italian singer has worked at a globetrotting pace, paving the way for new releases and hit songs around the world. whole in the last few months. In her latest stop, Jamaica, she sits alongside reggae master Damian Marley in the loving and teasing lyrics to “YOU”. Showing a much softer tone of his vocals, YEИDRY skims over an icy overdub beat as Damian abandons his MCing style with Kingston toaster tips. It’s a question-and-answer game ready to surpass a few late summer playlists and playlists. -Felipe Maia

Victor Internet – “One day”

“One day.” The homecoming dance number will definitely put you on your feet. But lyrically, Victor isn’t holding back at all, as he calls out a girl in his life for sucking joy out of everything with his self-centered attitude. You will soon be singing “I need an intervention” and you will definitely love it. -Cheky

Geo Equihua – “La Barca”

In a world that is in desperate need of tenderness, Geo EquihuaThe new single from “La Barca” comes as a welcome antidote. Extract from his next EP Yo Soy Mi Casa, the song is a calm electronic lullaby that gently cradles us like waves in the sea, as the Mexican artist dedicates beautiful words to the motherly love that makes us cry. -Cheky

Dos Santos – “City of Mirrors”

Love letter to Puerto Rico after the natural disasters that have rocked the country in recent years, Dos Santos of Chicago invokes the ghost of Gabriel García Marquez to express his anger and sadness. The band takes a salsa groove and infuses it with acid rock influences to transform it into a soulful song without sacrificing warmth. By keeping the groove slow and the instrumentation organic, Dos Santos manages to empathize with a painful memory that remains very palpable. -Marcos Hassan

Madi Diaz – “Resentment”

In the video for “Resentment”, singer-songwriter Madi Diaz walks through a dumping ground, a setting that is not grandiose but perfectly reflects the song’s themes. There is something very cathartic about Diaz’s weightless voice, and the understated arrangements help express how breakups can make it seem like everything is falling apart. “Resentment” is like stepping out of the wreckage and having hope that the light at the end of the tunnel might signal a bright future. -Marcos Hassan

Mare Advertencia Lirica + Son Rompe Pera + Ali Gua Gua – “Ay Que Cumbión”

The excitement of Cumbia across the country! ” Yes ! Ke Cumbión ”, the latest single from Mexican cumbia, rock and electronic agitator Ali Gua Gua is a steadfast new jam combining hedonistic grooves from Mexico City, Veracruz and Oaxaca. Recruit the talents propelled by the marimba of Son Rompe Pera, brilliant production by DJ Rambon and incisive bars by Mare Advertencia Lírica, the hypnotic track imbues all the bawdy attitude of your favorite sonidero with a good dose of community heart. -Richard Villegas

Norwegian – “Anestesia”

Norwegian astronomers from Guadalajara are back with a scary new single titled “Anestesia”; a frizzy-haired angst bomb drenched in black basslines and spectral moans that will spark thousands of gothic dances. Building an immersive sound wall on distortion pedal and buzzing drums, the band unleashes guitar riffs high enough to cut through the haze of any grief that haunts their hearts. -Richard Villegas

Omar Apollo – “California Dreamin ‘”

Omar Apollo picks up the classic “California Dreamin ‘” from The Mama and Papas for its latest release as part of Spotify’s Singles series. His cover choice, the singer-songwriter quotes in a statement, was inspired by his obsession with the song via its fascinating use in Wong Kar-Wai. Chunking Express. Recorded at the East West Studios in Los Angeles, the same studio as the original, the reimagined interpretation of Apollo carries the same spellbound spirit while transforming the famous sunny folk-pop song into a hazy, seraphic acoustic serenade. -Jeanette Diaz

Marcos G – “The Lights Are Going Down”

With the release of his latest EP To look for something, Marcos G delivers his first single and visuals for “Lights Coming Down”. A fluid and fluid melody driven by the guitar freezes with his soulful voice which is lost in the imagination of nostalgic memories. As the song progresses and its emotional build-up intensifies, the rhythmic composition which is imbued with glimpses of the influence of 2000s R&B songwriters, electronic synths and advanced Latin percussion. -Jeanette Diaz